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Some may ask themselves: "Why should I give my loved ones a robot for Christmas?”.

One thing we can guarantee you - a robot is much more than just a household appliance because it performs household tasks independently and automatically. So with a robot, you actually will give away more free time. And who wouldn't want to have more time for the important things in life?

This year, we created our Christmas campaign with the help of an expert! In the coming Christmas weeks we will show you - besides Christmas present ideas for Christmas - household robots such as robot vacuums or window cleaning robots, and other garden and household appliances. These products are recommended by our expert Roby, and also by customers. Every week until Christmas, you will find a new Christmas story here in our shop for household robots. We will continue to describe these everyday stories in our blog so that you not only get one or two recommendations for robot helpers for home, but also smart products or even gadgets.

Additionally, to the time benefits that a robotic Christmas gift for women or men can bring, we will also explain the advantages as well as the use. A little foretaste: Roby will be the main character in our stories. He is our testimonial and appears in the shop occasionally. As our expert when it comes to robotic Christmas wishes 2021, Roby will be featured in various scenes, so you may recognise yourself or the scene may look familiar.

Besides the well-known home helper robots, we also present lesser-known products from our webshop and show you what they are capable of. These are products that have only recently found their way into our assortment. You are right to be curious - every Wednesday there are new stories about Roby's experiences in the run-up to Christmas. And there are not only robots for Christmas to discover.

Every single year …

Published on Dec 22nd, 2021

Roby has been looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree all year. When he puts up the tree at home, he notices a small branch sticking out from the top of the tree. Roby would like to have his tree crown perfectly in line with his ideas - but the tree towers over him by quite a bit. Fortunately he still has his Yard Force LH C41 AW long-reach hedge trimmer - so the problem is solved in no time. After decorating the tree, his new Neato D10 robot hoover takes care of the fallen needles. Well hidden, Roby´s Christmas tree waits for its big moment. On Christmas Eve, the time has come: his curtain opener SwitchBot Curtain gently opens the drapery - revealing the lovingly decorated Christmas tree. But even the most beautiful evening comes to an end. As Roby is about to extinguish the Christmas tree candles, he has another idea: full of enthusiasm, he grabs his Yard Force LB C20W cordless leaf blower to blow them out ... will that work?

Roby´s private snow cannon

Published on Dec 14th, 2021

The snowfall of the past few days has left a thick layer of snow outside. The optimal conditions to build a snowman. But even if the snowfall had not been so plentiful - Roby still has his Yard Force LF C36 cordless misting fan, which he could certainly also use as a snow cannon. After a short time, our robotic friend has already pushed together a huge mountain of snow to form a snowman out of it. Finally, he equips the big figure of snow and ice with a carrot as a nose and small stones as buttons. Roby is missing a broom, but he still has his Roidmi S1 special cordless vacuum cleaner - something to give his work a special note. And the best thing about it: Thanks to his Mamibot iGLASSBOT W110F window cleaning robot, the snowman smiles at him through magnificently cleaned windows in his living room.

The sleigh packed with Christmas gifts

Published on Dec 7th, 2021

Christmas is just a few days away and the first snow is falling. However, Roby has to get into town to get the last of his Christmas presents. So, there is just one thing he can do: get the sledge going. When he takes it out of the cellar, Roby notices that the edges have seen better days. But Roby is well equipped with cordless battery-powered tools. With his PowerG PT190301 - 20 V angle grinder he wants to make the edges look like new … fortunately he also has an iRobot Braava robot mop. After that, Roby ensures the perfect runway: with his high pressure washer he blows away the top layers of snow. As a final trump, Roby fetches a household appliance: the Mamibot MOPA680 electric mop from myRobotcenter. This is how he transforms the runway into a race track that he can speed down on the iRobot Braava jet m6 robot mop. And off it goes to get the presents ...

In the Christmas bakery .... 

Published on Dec 1st, 2021

Today, Roby is baking his Christmas biscuits. When the cookies are finally in the oven, Roby starts cleaning the floor. Unfortunately, he does not have a robot vacuum mop to do this job for him. Otherwise he would have seen that the biscuits have been in the oven too long and are charring. Thanks to the Sharp air purifier, Roby can combat the smell and smoke. He got it as a Black Friday deal at myRobotcenter.


A year later ... after all the biscuit baking, the kitchen is in a mess of flour ... luckily Roby now has a Cecotec Conga 2290 Ultra Home robot vacuum mop including an self-emptying station in addition to his air purifier. Now not only does the smell of burning disappear from the air, but the crumbs on the floor are also completely removed.


Roby knows that a robot vacuum as a kitchen appliance or a robot vacuum cleaner with mop takes over the efficient basic cleaning and, depending on the brand or model, special brushes or attachments are included so that the floor can be cleaned particularly thoroughly. When choosing the right model, it is not only the brand that matters, but more the conditions in the home. For example, whether there are pets, carpets or door sills, or even the area that needs to be cleaned per pass. If you want to operate the robot vacuum and mop by app or voice assistant - you will also find a suitable model for this.


Do it like Roby: after the Christmas biscuits are baked, a household robot helps you to make the floor shine again.


Buy your Christmas gifts already and benefit from our extended return deadline until 31/01/2022.

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