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The COWAROBOT is the result of a crowdfunding project on the Kickstarter platform. It took less than five years from the idea to the delivery of the first COWAROBOT. And the company has a clear goal: to develop suitcases that are not only smart, but also easy to use.


A suitcase that follows you!

A suitcase that follows its owner

With the COWAROBOT you'll experience a completely new travel comfort. The smart suitcase follows you around so that you have both of your hands free for a coffee to go and travel documents.

A suitcase that follows its ownerA suitcase that follows its owner
The suitcase recognises the ownerThe suitcase recognises the owner

The suitcase recognises the owner

With the crowds of people at the airport, the robot is bound to follow every random redirection, you might think. Wrong! With built-in sensors, the suitcase recognises the stature and gait of its owner and really only follows him.

Serves as a powerbank

Particularly useful: The COWAROBOT can also be used as a powerbank to charge your electronic devices. It has a USB port where you can easily plug in your charger cable.

Serves as a powerbankServes as a powerbank

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