Dolphin PoolBot PB20 Pool Cleaning Robot - 2020 model - with free 5-year guarantee

Dolphin PoolBot PB20 Pool Cleaning Robot - 2020 model - with free 5-year guarantee
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter
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Automatic floor and wall cleaning with the Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 (UK-plug included)

With a weight of only 6.3 kg, the pool cleaning robot is suitable for small swimming pools as well as for above-ground pools up to max. size of 50 m2. It can be used in salt and chlorine water. Effortlessly, the robot Dolphin climbs up the walls and is equipped with a sophisticated cleaning technology (brush and filter system). Persistent residues, algae and bacteria are thus a thing of the past. User friendly and easy to use - a robotic pool cleaner is a reliable partner for an optimal cleaning result.

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The Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 - a sovereign all-rounder for your pool

Floor and wall cleaning in one

Based on the basic model PoolBot PB10, the Dolphin PoolBot PB20, thanks to its intelligent navigation system, is able to clean not only the floor, but also the walls of the swimming pool (with a maximum size of 50 m2= 10 x 5 m). Whether concrete or PVC makes no difference. The pool cleaning robot is equally suitable for above ground pools with the same dimensions. Please make sure that the walls are stable and do not bulge outwards for an optimal cleaning.


Active brush system

The robotic pool cleaner moves on two caterpillars, which guaranteea secure hold under water. Meanwhile, the double-rotating brush thoroughly removes soiling such as algae, bacteria and suspended particles, and ensures a clear and pure appearance of the swimming pool. The Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 navigates automatically along the ground through the random principle or climbs up the walls. Its cleaning cycle takes two hours. After the cleaning process is finished, the robot Dolphin switches itself off.


Reliable filter system with upgrade option

Whether stubborn residues or very fine particles - the user-friendly filter system of the pool cleaning robot works effectively and efficiently: The dirt ends up in a net catch container, which can be removed with just one hand and cleaned with a water hose. Depending on which cleaning result you want to achieve, coarse or fine filters can be used for this model. For this purpose, the pool vacuum must be converted to a filter cartridge (for which coarse and fine filter cartridges are also available). Whether standard, converted, coarse or fine - clean the net catch container after each use.


User-friendly operation

Just like the base model PB10, the Dolphin PoolBot PB20 scores with its minor weight. With only 6.3 kg, it is a lightweight and can therefore be operated very easily. After you have connected the power supply unit to the main while it is still switched off, place the robotic pool cleaner into the water. Once it reaches the bottom of the pool, you can turn on the switch. The Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 will start its automatic cleaning cycle. When it is finished, the robot also shuts off automatically and you will be able, to remove it from your swimming pool by the handle (never by the cable). A quick and dirt-free water return makes it even easier.


Special features of the Dolphin PoolBot PB20


Conditional cleaning of stairs

If the surface of the steps of your swimming pool is at least 45 cm deep (which corresponds to the height of the robotic pool cleaner), a conditional cleaning is possible. However, we would like to point out that a complete cleaning - for example with round roman steps – unfortunately, cannot be guaranteed.


Use in different water quality

Both in salt water with a NaCl content of not more than 0.5 % and in chlorine water with a maximum Cl content of 4 ppm, the Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 can be operated easily. To ensure a good performance, make sure that the water temperature is between 6 ° C and 34 ° C and the pH is around 7.0 to 7.8.


All-important data at a glance:

  • Lightweight with only 6.3 kg
  • Suitable for swimming pools and above ground pools up to 50 m(= 10 x 5 m)
  • Floor AND wall cleaning possible
  • Brush system with double speed
  • Sophisticated filter system
  • Easy commissioning and user-friendly operation
  • Cleans salt water (not more than 0.5 %) and chlorine (max. 4 ppm)
  • Conditional cleaning of stairs


Differences to other models


Dolphin PoolBot PB20 vs Dolphin PoolBot PB10

In contrast to the basic model, the Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 cleans not only the floor of your pool, but also the walls.


Difference to the Dolphin PoolBot PB25

The Dolphin PoolBot PB 20 can only be started manually, while its successor, the Dolphin PoolBot PB 25, is equipped with the function of a weekly timer. A two-stage filter system (filter basket plus filter cartridge) completes the package of the PoolBot PB20.


Repair Service

If there is any damage to your Dolphin pool cleaning robot, you have the option of using a complaint form from the manufacturer in our download area.



Exclusive models at myRobotcenter: PoolBot PB series

✓ New PoolBot series only available at myRobotcenter
✓ Pool robot series is powered by Dolphin
FREE 5-year guarantee
✓ PoolBot series is identical in construction to the Dolphin E-series -
    there are no technical differences

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Dolphin PoolBot PB20

• Transformer
• Wire
• Filter basket

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Dolphin PoolBot PB20 - 2020 model
Recommended up to (approx.):10 x 5 m
Dimensions (approx.):42.5 x 40.0 x 26.0 cm
Weight (approx.):6.3 kg
Remote control:Not included
Programming/controlling the app:No
Cleaning settings:Active Brush System
Cleaning:Floor/ground and wall
Circulation rate (m3/h):15
Filter system:Collecting Vessel
Flotation cable length:15 m
Water temperature:+6 °C to +34 °C
Guarantee on the product:5 years
Type of rechargeable battery:Mains operated
Plug for UK:included
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Customer Reviews

for Dolphin PoolBot PB20 Pool Cleaning Robot - 2020 model - with free 5-year guarantee

A few days after your order you will receive an email through which you can submit your personal review.

Customer review posted on 20/07/2019

Robot is really great thing. Only regret is that I didn’t bought it much before

Customer review posted on 10/07/2019

Excellent I hope it carry,s on as good as it's been working

Customer review posted on 07/04/2019

Really happy with this, only used it for 2 days but so far so good.

Customer review posted on 20/12/2018

Dolphin E20 Pool Cleaning Robot super.

Customer review posted on 18/07/2018

The robot is super, clean, without any problems.
In one word excellent

Customer review posted on 31/05/2018

Cleans our pool very efficiently

Customer review posted on 17/05/2018

Best value product I could find from a reputable manufacturer

Customer review posted on 27/04/2018

Everything clean. Very easy for using.

Customer review posted on 07/09/2017

Used the robot once in our pool. The result wasn't immaculate, but much better than the pool vacuum attached to the The skimmer.

Customer review posted on 28/08/2017

Dolphin e20 first didn't work properly. I had the same experience as a customer in another review. Engine worked but robot didn't move. I find that the gears don't fit into each other. I had to remove the wheels and fix the gears manually. But this wasn't a problem. The problem is that the robot hangs on the first stair of pool stairs and I always must move it manually. Its moving algorithm in the pool is totally chaotic.
Other problem is that Dolphin e20 can not filter fine sludge even with fine 20mic. filter. The water is always cloudy after the swimming pool was cleaned by dolphin e20.
E20 absolutely dissapointed me.

Customer review posted on 28/08/2017

Perfect A fully customized device to my needs.

Customer review posted on 10/08/2017

Its a good product that actually does climb the walls - my pool has a lot of fine sand in it so am using it quite often and it seems to be doing the job- yes I would buy this product again.
For pools with large in built steps it doesn't seem to get up there - but that's a minor gripe.
its a good little product.

Customer review posted on 27/07/2017

the E20 didn't work at start-up : engine worked but robot didn't move. Will be replaced with new one

Customer review posted on 25/07/2017

Great help for pool cleaning. Easy to handle and very functional

Customer review posted on 05/06/2017

Great product, lower it into the pool switch on and let it go

Customer review posted on 09/05/2017

Boa relação preço/qualidade

Customer review posted on 28/04/2017

It is a great helper, small, light, quiet. I'll still buy a 20 micron fine mud bin.

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