Terms of participation: Facebook Advent Lottery by myRobotcenter

1.     Advent Lottery 2017

1.1.  With the participation in the Advent lottery (hereinafter the campaign), you accept these terms of participation.

1.2.  Operator of the campaign is the myRobotcenter GmbH, A-6840 Götzis (hereinafter “myRobotcenter”). The participation is free of charge and is in no way dependent on the purchase of goods or making use of a service.

1.3.  The campaign is valid from 05/12/2017 until 06/12/2017, 11:59 pm and is taking place on the myRobotcenter Facebook page. The winners will be announced from 07/12/2017. The winners will be informed after the expiration of the lottery via Facebook.

1.4.  Prize: A 30 GBP voucher, redeemable for purchases in the myRobotcenter online shop, www.myRobotcenter.co.uk.

1.5.  The winners will be determined at the end of the campaign in a prize draw.


2.     Participation

2.1.  To participate in the campaign, the participator has to be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom. myRobotcenter reserves the right, to approve the age through the mailing of an official identification document. The data will be saved only for the purpose of the verification of the age and will not be saved permanently nor forwarded to third parties.

2.2.  Employees of myRobotcenter, agencies of myRobotcenter or family members, are not allowed to participate in the lottery.

2.3.  Automatic comments, or comments by fake profiles are not valid. myRobotcenter reserves the right, to exclude participants from the lottery, who influence the lottery unfairly or try to.

2.4.  The participation in the lottery is made when the participant comments on the appeal posted on the myRobtocenter Facebook timeline and answers to the asked question or task.

2.5.  The prize cannot be paid cash and is not assignable to third parties. Resulting taxes have to be paid by the participant. The participants agree to the publication of their name and profile picture in case of winning.

2.6.  In case of violation of these terms of participation, myRobotcenter reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition and remove pictures immediately. In cases of suspected misuse, manipulation or an illegal usage of the competition, the participant is immediately and without warning excluded from the lottery. Due to legal obligations, myRobotcenter will transmit the name of the participant upon request to a third party, as far as (i) they have a major legal interest in the participant’s identity and possible illegal activities and (ii) credibly claim, that the knowledge of this information is an essential prerequisite for prosecution. In case that third parties assert claims against myRobotcenter in this context due to violation of their rights, the participant will indemnify and hold myRobotcenter harmless.

2.7.  myRobotcenter reserves the right to change the terms of participation without a separate notification of the participant in case of important reasons or to end the lottery without preannouncement. myRobotcenter may utilise the right in case that a proper fulfilment of the lottery is not possible due to technical or legal reasons. In this case, the participant is not entitled to any claims against myRobotcenter.


3.     Disclaimer

3.1.  The liability of myRobotcenter and its employees, contractors or other fulfilment assistants (“people”) is limited on purpose or severe negligence; the liability on slight negligence is excluded.

3.2.  myRobotcenter does not bear liability for indirect or direct damage, which result from the participation or the possible inaccessibility of the internet server.


4.     Facebook

4.1.  This campaign is not connected to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook.

4.2.  Questions, comments or complaints concerning the campaign should not be sent to Facebook, but directly to the myRobotcenter Facebook page or via e-mail to office@myrobotcenter.com.


5.     Usage of data

5.1.  Participation: In case of winning, the participant will be asked to provide the necessary information for the communication between myRobotcenter and the participant: full name, e-mail address, country of residence and birth date.

5.2.  Approval: The participant approves, the myRobotcenter processes and uses the data mentioned above in order to offer an access to the online services, for the analytics of usage behaviour, for the mailing of promotional content and other marketing actions.

5.3.  Publication: The participant agrees to the publication of their name and profile picture in case of winning.

5.4.  Withdrawal: myRobotcenter specifically points out, that the participant can withdraw the declaration of agreement in terms of data protection law at any time. The declaration of agreement can be withdrawn via e-mail: office@myrobotcenter.com

5.5.  Consequences of withdrawal: The withdrawal makes any further use of the personal data inadmissible.


6.     Other

6.1.  Only the Substantive Law of Austria applies to the contractual relationship.

6.2.  Should one of the above clauses be ineffective, then the efficiency of the rest of the condition shall not be affected by this. The invalid term or the gap shall be replaced by an appropriate arrangement that, as far as legally possible, comes closest to the ineffective clause.


December 2017