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Product questions
The battery shows a defect. What can I do?

According to experience the performance decreases after 2-3 years and the battery needs to be replaced. You can order a new replacement battery directly in our online shop for self-exchange. Please charge the new battery for 24 hours.

My window cleaning robot does not run, what to do?

Please make sure that the power cable is plugged in, as the device will not work without a power supply. Then please press on the remote control on a program that the device should execute.

How long is the warranty period on batteries?

The warranty period for rechargeable batteries is 1 year.
Please note that rechargeable batteries are wearing parts and therefore are not covered by the extended warranty.

My Mamibot ProVac Plus2 does not run?

The ProVac Plus2 is always shipped with the battery disconnected. Please insert the battery into the device. The battery is located in the rear battery compartment.

Devices out of the manufacturer's warranty, who should I contact?

Please follow this link, here you will find manufacturer-specific information such as service hotlines, online contact forms and contact details for any repairs that may be necessary: Repair service

I can not connect my device with the App. What can I do?

Please make sure that the robot, your smartphone as well as the W-LAN router are in close to each other in order to establish the app connection properly. Also note that the robot can only be connected to 2.4Ghz networks. 5Ghz is not yet supported. Please disable the 5Ghz channel temporarily.
If there are still error messages, please check the W-LAN password for special characters. You can simply set a numeric password for testing purposes - the robot will have no problems with numbers. Please note, only open networks or networks encrypted with WPA2 are supported.

Mamibot: My device is only running in circles.

This could be probably a defect in the wheel module. Please inform by e-mail which wheel the Mamibot is rotating when you look at it from behind. You can also send us a video of the rotating robot. We will send you a new wheel module, which you can replace by yourself within a few simple steps.               

Neato D85/Connected: Error message to put main switch on.

Unfortunately, the battery is worn out and must be replaced. You have 1 year warranty on the battery.
The message you describe is well known and is related to the fact that the battery has too less voltage. Therefore the robot thinks that the main switch is in the OFF position.

My Worx Landroid firmware was updated and now the schedule and the wifi isn't working.. How can I fix?

Sorry to read that. Please get in touch with the service department. Here you will find the contact details: They will support you and help you to solve the problem. 

My Bosch XS300 is reporting a break in the line. Can you supply blue wire connectors as a spare part?

Yes sure - here you will find the wire connecters: 

I'm thinking of replacing my old Landroid with a YardForce SA650Eco. Can I use the old Landroid boundary wire and attach it to theYard Force docking station?

Please check the installation details - especially the distances for obstacles. If they are the same, it might work. However, we would like to point out that the manufacturer does not accept any guarantee for problems etc. if the manufacturer's cable is not used.


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