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Gardena robot lawn mowers


Gardena robot lawn mowers have over 20 years of experience within robot mowers. These various robots can be operated via their display, through Bluetooth or, in the case of the smart Sileno models, via the Gardena smart App. The smart Sileno robot grass cutters can also be combined with other Gardena smart System products. Tomorrow's future: smart gardening from Gardena.

The 2022 mowing season can begin!
Get the perfect robot lawn mower for your garden. Your perfectly mown lawn is just a few steps away.

These are the distinguishing features of the Gardena robots:

Smart lawn care: LONA Intelligence

All Gardena robot lawn mower models in our assortment, offer app control. Depeding on the model, this is based on Bluetooth or Full Connect by Gardena smart App. From 2022, the smart Gardena models are equipped with LONA intelligence. This AI-based mapping technology learns, maps and adapts individually to the respective garden. Within the next few years, LONA will continue to evolve and include valuable features.

SensorCut system for a clean cutting imageSensorCut system for a clean cutting image

From 0 to 1,500 m2 - a suitable robot mower for every garden

Whether a small front garden in the city, or complex areas up to 1,500 m2. Gardena has the right model for your garden. The Gardena Sileno minimo robot mowers are suitable for the smallest gardens up to 500 m2, while the (smart) Sileno city models are suitable for medium-sized areas up to 600 m2. For extensive and complex zones, the (smart) Sileno life devices from Gardena are the ideal choice.

Quick and easy to install

Gardena models are designed to be quick and easy to install. The robot grass cutters guide you skilfully through the initial set-up via the user-friendly display on the robot itself or in the app (Bluetooth or smart app). Boundary wire, wire pegs and connectors as well as a detailed user manual for the installation are included in the delivery.

Easy cleaning for Sileno city & Sileno life modelsEasy cleaning for Sileno city & Sileno life models

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