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Cleanly mopped floors at the push of a button? Our robot mops make it possible. In our range you can find a multiplicity of floor mopping robots from considerable producers. They clean different kind of hard floors like tiles, stone, laminate or parquet. Depending on the type and size of the floor and on given room conditions you will definitely find the most suitable mopping robot for your home.

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Mamibot Sweepur 120

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  1. iLife W400

    iLife W400 Robot Mop - with free 5-year guarantee

    iLife W400: A robot mop that scrubs your floors 

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  2. Blaupunkt XSmart

    Bluebot XSmart Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

    Vacuuming/Mopping Robot for Pet Owners - with Smartphone App The new Bluebot XSma...

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