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Husqvarna AutomowerHusqvarna Automower

Husqvarna is one of the world's leading manufacturers of robot lawn mowers. Husqvarna's robot mowers are characterized by the highest quality standards and perfect mowing results. Whatever the time of day or weather conditions, the robot grass cutters work reliably and ensure perfectly mowed greenery. Husqvarna's range includes models for small, medium and complex areas and masters the highest gradability on the work surface.

The 2022 mowing season can begin!
Get the perfect robot lawn mower for your garden. Your perfectly mown lawn is just a few steps away.

On the move on quiet wheels

During mowing, Husqvarna's robot lawn mowers are particularly quiet and therefore very neighbour-friendly. The noise level during operation is low, around 60 dB. In Eco mode, the robot mower is also very energy-efficient.

Mows slopes up to ± 70% in the working area

With ideal traction, the robot mowers also mow more demanding areas with gradients of up to ± 45%. Since this year (2019), there is also the first Husqvarna model, which masters inclines up to 70 %. This means that steeper areas can now be maintained by a mowing robot too.

Spiral cutting

The robot grass cutters are able to mow selected lawn areas several times, as required, using the SpiralCutting mode. This is especially useful for areas with longer grass. The result is an even cut throughout the garden.

Narrow spots and complex areas are no problem!

Even if the garden is angled and has a complex ground plan, a Husqvarna robot lawn mower can do the work on its own. Narrow passages are automatically detected by the Husqvarna Automower, who skillfully maneuvers through narrow passages without leaving any traces. 

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Our demonstration models are refurbished, used and technically tested robots. The big advantage: full manufacturer's guarantee and an unbeatable price!