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SALE: Husqvarna Automower 450X Robot Lawn Mower - 2017 Model - With Free 5-Year Guarantee & Installation Kit - Guarantee Period Starts On 01/03/2018

SALE: Husqvarna Automower 450X Robot Lawn Mower - 2017 Model - With Free 5-Year Guarantee & Installation Kit - Guarantee Period Starts On 01/03/2018
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter
£3,899.00 *

Start your robot lawn mower project!

Husqvarna Automower 450X is the right choice for large surfaces of up to 5,000 m2 and if you prefer to control, programme and monitor the robot mower via Smartphone. The extended theft protection is offering additional security. Furthermore the robotic lawn mower is featured with special technical finesses like ultrasonic sensors and LED cleat.

Order Husqvarna Automower 450X now! Benefit from:
✓ FREE 5-year guarantee (worth £200.00)
✓ FREE installation kit size „L“ (worth £259.00)
✓ FREE Hotline 00800* 500 500 10
*00800 is an international toll free number for international calls

£3,899.00 *
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Robotic lawn mower: The key facts

The Husqvarna Automower 450X robot lawn mower is designed for surfaces of up to 5.000 m2. It gladly overtakes your lawn maintenance so you can benefit of a perfectly well-kept lawn with 0.0 expenditure of time. Once installed it carries out its mowing tasks fully automatically. It manages gradients of up to ±45 % easily.

In comparison to the other Husqvarna Automower models the Husqvarna Automower 450X is featured with the Automower Connect as a standard. Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-theft protection as well as with ultrasonic sensors and LED light cleat.


Automower Connect Module

The communication module allows you to control, programme and monitor the robot mower anytime from wherever you are - all via Smartphone. Should your robot lawn mower ever be taken away from someone unauthorized you will receive a notification.

The Husqvarna Automower 450X is already featured with the Connect Module as a standard equipment.


Ultrasonic sensors

With its integrated ultrasonic sensors, the robotic lawn mower is able to recognize obstacles to reduce its speed. It is equipped with a LED cleat both, on the right and on the left hand side.


Additional (third) guide wire for a fast and reliable returning to the charging station

The top model is equipped with a third guide wire. It ensures fast returning to charging station even on more complex areas. Independently the automatic lawn mower returns to its charging station when battery is low. Once it carries out its mowing tasks unbelievably reliable to your fully satisfaction.


Convinces with reliability

Husqvarna stands for reliable and graceful lawn mowing on the highest level. Its high quality and the visible mowing results are absolutely convincing. The Automower concept is the result of many decades of development, what makes it to one the most reliable concepts on the market.


Visibly cultivated lawn

Equipped with a random navigation system and razor sharp blades the Husqvarna Automower 450X robot lawn mower cuts the grass reliably. The cut grass is used as a natural fertilizer (mulch function) for your lawn. The bothersome lawn disposal is avoided completely. The surface machining can be programmed individually.


GPS assisted navigation

With its integrated GPS system, the Husqvarna Automower 450X creates a map of your lawn surface, including the boundary wire. Therefore, the robot lawn mower is able to recognize already mowed areas to adjust its mowing patterns. That’s what ensures an excellent cutting result in your garden.


A perfectly mowed lawn

Due to smart technology the robotic lawn mower adjusts its mowing cycles to the grass growth of your lawn. Additionally, it even able to handle easy passages. The robot mower convinces with matched mowing cycles and with its unique cutting technique.


Thorough cutting with sharp blades

The Husqvarna Automower 450X is not cutting much in one mowing cycle, but steadily. With its blades made of stainless steel it cuts the grass especially thorough what reduces its energy consumption and increases its efficiency.


Zero emission

The robot lawn mower offers all advantages of the innovative mowing system by Husqvarna. The automatic lawn mower carries out its mowing tasks especially quiet and emission free, as it is operated electronically.


Innovative mowing technology & weather timer

The integrated weather timer allows the Husqvarna Automower 450X to adjust its mowing intervals to the growth of your lawn and to the weather. Therefore, it increases its mowing time on humid and rainy days and reduces them on sunny and dry days.


Robot lawn mower with Spiral Cutting Mode

With the special spiral cutting mode the robot mower is able to mow spirally on separate areas. This is especially useful for sitting areas where there is higher grass. As soon as the robotic lawn mower has left the separate area it automatically returns to the automatically mowing mode.


Security measure of Husqvarna Automower 450X robot mower

The integrated alarm system, pin code and installation barrier ensures safety from unauthorized people. Features like lifting and tilt sensors and ultrasonic sensors are offering additional safety.


Installation and installation kit

The Husqvarna Automower 450X will be regularly delivered without installation and installation kit. At myRobotcenter there is an Installation-Kit FREE OF CHARGE included in delivery (size "L"). That means you don't have to order perimeter wire, pegs, etc. additionally..


Installation Manual for your robotic lawn mower

Here you can find an installation video. The installation manual is available in our download area.


model 2017


The production of the new model has already started in 2016. Therefore it’s possible that „2016“ is shown on your new robot lawn mower, although it is already the new 2017 model

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Husqvarna Automower 450X

1     Charging station + screws
1     Power supply
1     User manual
1     Low-voltage cable
1     PIN/alarm sticker
9     Blades + screws

Included: FREE Installation-Kit "L"

600 Wire pegs
1     Perimeter wire (400 m)
5     Plug connectors
5     Wire connectors
1     Cable maker

Technical details

Technical details

Model description:Husqvarna Automower 450X - 2017 Model
Recommended up to (approx.):5000 m²
Dimensions (approx.):72 x 56 x 31 cm
Weight (approx.):13.9 kg
Programming/controlling the app:Yes
Height of cut:20 - 60 mm
Cut width:24 cm
Incline:45 % maximum gradient of the slope / 10% maximum gradient for the boundary wire
Mowing in the rain:yes
Charging time (approx.):ca. 75 min
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):ca. 260 min
Guarantee on the product:2 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Type of rechargeable battery:Li-ion battery (10.4 Ah / 18 V)
Boundary:Boundary wire
Volume (approx.):58 dB(A)
Safety:Alarm, Pin Code, installation lock, Time Lock, Lift Sensor, Tilt Sensor, ultrasonic sensor
Plug for UK:included
Special features:

• Automower Connect module
• LED light strip
• Low power consumption
• timer
• Weatherproof
• cutting height adjustment

Payment and delivery

Payment and delivery

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