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Including free 5-year guarantee
myVacBot B100 - robot hoover
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myVacBot B100 - robot hoover

Including free 5-year guarantee

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  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days.

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Including free 5-year guarantee

More information about product

A particularly thorough robot vacuum

The new myVacBot B100 doesn't only make the hearts of household-grumpies beat faster: With a new brush design, it overshadows the one or another competitor in the matters of floor cleaning. The brushes mounted in v-shape offer an even a bigger suction area so that even the most stubborn kind of dirt is removed. But not only dust and dirt - even bacteria, mites and other Microorganisms are thoroughly removed. This is why the robot vacuum cleaner is perfectly suitable for people suffering from allergies. Set starting times for the robot hoover and your floors will be cleaned fully automatically in the future!  

  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days.

  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.


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myRobotcenter - 5-year Guarantee
5-year guarantee

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Accessory-kit - for myVacBot B100
Accessory-kit - for myVacBot B100

Product description

Vacuuming can be so easy

Cleans not only hard floors but also carpets

The myVacBot B100 is the perfect robot hoover for hard floors such as laminate, parquet, tiles or the like. Also, on carpets the robot vacuum cleaner is very efficient.

: The robot vacuum is not suitable for cleaning dark/black floors.


Sonic Wall to limit the area

With the Sonic Wall, the area to be cleaned can be narrowed down. The Sonic Wall forms an invisible boundary that the robot vacuum does not cross. At the same time, it offers reliable fall protection, for example when the robot is used near a staircase or gallery.

Two side brushes for clean corners

With its two long side brushes, the robot vacuum removes all dust and dirt from the corners of your home. It can also clean very thoroughly along edges, e.g. edge strips, with the side brushes.

myVacBot B100 overcomes heels

The robot hoover is able to overcome heels (doorsteps, carpets, etc.) with a height of up to 1 cm without any problems. This way he can get into the next room on his own and can also drive on carpets.

A new robot vacuum cleanerfrom myRobotcenter

2 floor brushes in V-shape

Unlike comparable models, the robot vacuum cleaner has two brushes. The V-shaped arrangement offers an even larger pickup area, so that your floors are cleaned particularly thoroughly. No dust or dirt is left behind.  


UV-light to kill viruses and bacteria

Thanks to integrated UV light, the myVacBot B100 has a germicidal effect. For this reason, it is the perfect robot hoover for allergy sufferers.

Fully automated cleaning according to schedule

Even if you are not at home, the robot hoover reliably takes care of cleaning your floors: time control makes it possible! Once programmed, it reliably carries out its cleaning jobs according to the schedule. You can store one start time per weekday.


Soft touch - for gentle cleaning

The soft-touch function prevents the robot vacuum from colliding coarsely with obstacles. If this function is activated, the myVacBot reduces its speed in front of objects in order to approach them only gently. This makes the robot hoover the ideal helper even for very sensitive equipment.

Practical handling in everyday life

Hygienic filter and container

Filters and containers can be removed quickly and easily from the unit in just a few simple steps. Compared to other robot vacuums, the myVacBot B100 is particularly hygienic because it can be cleaned with water.


Practical remote control

The myVacBot B100 can be started conveniently with remote control. This is stored on the top of the device to save space. This ensures that you always have the remote control within reach when you need it. The robot hoover can of course also be operated manually using the buttons on the unit.

Offers optimum cleaning for every requirement

Excellent price-performance ratio and services from a single source

Since myVacBot is our own brand, we can offer you an excellent price-performance ratio. If required, we can also take over all service and repair work.

Your advantage
: You don't have to contact the manufacturer but get help where you bought your product: from us.


Warranty extension from myRobotcenter

The 5-year guarantee runs through us from the first day after the purchase, not through third parties. You can, therefore, be sure that we will handle your warranty claim quickly and professionally.


The myVacBot B100 is suitable for:

  • Small apartments up to 80 m2
  • Allergy sufferers
  • Various hard floors and carpets
  • Automated floor cleaning (time control)


The robot vacuum cleaner is less suitable for people:

  • With a household larger than 80 m2
  • That live with a dog or cat
  • With households with many dark/black floors
  • Who want an app control

Scope of delivery

myVacBot B100
myVacBot B100 - robot hoover
  • 1 Charging base
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Filter
  • 1 Sonic Wall
  • 1 Remote control (with batteries)
  • 2 Replacement side brushes
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 User manual
  • Accessory-Kit (additionally to the normal scope of delivery):
  • 2 Main brushes
  • 2 Side brushes
  • 2 Filters

Technical details

More information
Model NamemyVacBot B100
Dimensions33.0 x 33.0 x 8.0 cm
Weight (approx.):3.7 kg
PetsNot suitable for pet hair
Doorsteps< 1,5 cm
Cleaning modeSpiral, Wall Following, Special Bounce, ZigZag, Polygonal
Charging time3.5 h
Battery runtime2 h
Battery typeNickel metal hydride (14.4 V / 2,800 mAh)
Battery guarantee:1 year
Product guarantee:5 years
Charging baseIncluded
Remote control:Included
Boundary optionSonic Wall
Volume:not specified
Special features:• 5 cleaning modes • Scheduling • Sonic Wall

Product questions (6)

Product questions
Does the myVacBot recognize staircases and other abysses?

The myVacBot B100 is featured with anti drop sensors, recognizing abysses in time. Nevertheless, it is recommended to install a Sonic Wall as a double safeguard.

Is the myVacBot B100 suitable for households with pets?

Unfortunately this model is not recommended for pet owners as it is not equipped with a special brush system for pet hair.

What can I do if myVacBot cannot find the charging station?

Please mind the correct placement and installation of the charging station (shown in the user manual). Place the charging station at an easily reachable spot with at least 60 cm space around.

What do I have to keep in mind when operating the myVacBot?

Here you can find useful tipps for operating the myVacBot:

What is the problem when the remote control isn’t working properly?

Please delete the ID of the main unit and carry out a new synchronization of the remote control. A detailed guidance can be found in user manual in chapter „Setting ID with Main Unit“.

Is this model able to clean carpets?

The myVacBot B100 is able to clean carpets with a maximum height of 1 cm. Higher carpets are recognized as an obstacle and cannot be overcome and be cleaned.

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