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Staubsauger Roboter von NeatoStaubsauger Roboter von Neato
Neato RoboticsNeato Robotics

Neato Robotics - Competence meets innovation

“Neato helps improve everyday living through robotics.” This is the credo of Neato Robotics, which has been part of the German company Vorwerk since 2017. Vorwerk's decades of expertise in hoovers and the innovative developments in the sector of robot hoovers combine perfectly in the Neato robot vacuums. Intelligent navigation, efficient and stylish design and high suction power are just some of the distinctive features of the models. Neato is constantly working on adapting its robot vacuum cleaners to customer needs and integrating them optimally into everyday life.

This is why the products from Neato Robotics are recommended

Efficient, thought-out design

The robot hoovers from Neato are not only stylish - they also work more effectively and thoroughly. The typical D-shape has several advantages. Corners and edges can be reached better, a longer combination brush picks up more dirt and there is more space for the dust container.

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Useful in every household

The robot vacuums from Neato Robotics have a special combination brush with bristles and slats that is suitable for any surface. Thanks to the great suction power and the HEPA-like filters, the models can be used very well in households with animals. They also bring noticeable relief to allergy sufferers.

Neato leads the way in innovation

Neato Robotics was one of the first companies to equip its robot vacuum cleaners with LDS Lidar technology and smart watch support. Furthermore, operation via Amazon Alexa and thus smart home integration was already possible at an early stage. The robot hoovers from Neato often carry the standard of tomorrow.

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