Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum - with Free 5 Year Guarantee
Neato Robotics
Including 5-year guarantee at myRobotcenter
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Neato Botvac Connected D7

The Neato Botvac D85 is not only scoring with its extra large dirt bin but also with an extra broad brush module and a side brush to clean even edges and borders efficiently. With its combo-brush and the strongest suction power it measures even stubborn dirt without any difficulties. The robot vacuum convinces even with long and bothersome pet hair.

£519.00 *

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Robot Vacuum with LaserSmart Navigation

Neato Botvac D85 is equipped with the patented LaserSmart navigation technology, allowing to scan an map all rooms.  It cleans your rooms in precise pathways, starting with the edges and borders. After finishing with the main area you will be stunned of its result – shining edges, borders and surfaces!


Room Positioning System (RPS)

Thanks to the Room Positioning System the robot vacuum is able to remember the already cleaned surfaces. That’s what enables a highly efficient cleaning while saving time and energy. Ever after pausing for a charging process the Neato Botvac D85 will continue with its cleaning tasks where it had interrupted.


Enormous Suction Power and Combo-Brush

With the special combo-brush the robot hoover offers a precise collection of all pet hair. Dirt, dust, pet hair, dander, etc. – all particles will be vacuumed to leave your floor shining!


Dirt Bin with Maximum Capacity

The dirt bin of the robot hoover stands for „the bigger – the better“. That ensures a reliable keeping of dirt, dust, pet hair and other particles.


Robot Vacuum with High Performance Filters

The high performance filter is placed inside the dirt bin. It is especially designed for allergy sufferers as allergens and even the finest particles are caught up and reduced in the household.


Daily Work of the Robot Hoover

The robot hoover can be operated with different options:

  •  Spot cleaning: for a selective cleaning (area of 1.2 x 1.8 m)
  •  Manual Multi-Room cleaning: cleaning of the given area and automatic returning to the charging station afterwards
  •  Multi-Room-Cleaning with time programming: starting time can be programmed for each day seperately. The given area will be cleaned, starting at the exact time you have selected.


Automatically driving to the charging station

The Neato Botvac D85 robot vacuum will automatically return to its docking station when battery is low. Afterwards it continues with its cleaning tasks at the exact place it has stopped before.


Official Successor of the Neato Botvac 85

The new Neato Botvac D85 robot vacuum is the succeeding model of the Neato Botvac 85, convincing with an improved suction power, high performance filters and an extra large dirt bin!

Included in delivery

Included in delivery

Neato Botvac D85

1 Charging Station
1 Power Cable
1 NiMH Battery
1 Combo Brush
1 Carpet Brush
1 HEPA Filter
1 Boundary Marker
2 Extra HEPA Filter
1 User manual

Technical details

Technical details

Manufacturer:Neato Robotics
Model description:Neato Botvac D85
Recommended up to (approx.):100 m²
Dimensions (approx.):33.0 x 32.1cm x 10.1 cm
Weight (approx.):3.9 kg
Time and week programming:Yes
Programming/controlling the app:No
Especially for animal hair:Yes
Remote control:Not included
Cleaning settings:Full Surface, Spot
Charging time (approx.):2 - 3 h
Rechargeable battery life (approx.):1 - 1.5 h
Charging station:Included
Guarantee on the product:2 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery:1 year
Boundary:Magnetic band (included)
Type of rechargeable battery:Nickel Metal Hydride (12 V / 3,600 mAh)
Volume (approx.):70 dBA
Plug for UK:included
Special features:

• smart navigation
• strong suction power
• boundary marker
• scheduling

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Payment and delivery

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Customer Reviews

for Neato Botvac D85 Robot Vacuum - with Free 5 Year Guarantee

A few days after your order you will receive an email through which you can submit your personal review.

Customer review posted on 15/10/2017

Very impressive performance

Customer review posted on 29/09/2017

I am very happy with my robot

Customer review posted on 20/09/2017

I chose the neato because I had already had one and it was the best aspiration robot I had until the moment I had already had a roomba and it does not even have a comparison, it is fast accurate and without need of bumps to orient.

Customer review posted on 02/08/2017

I do like the botvac but it is not very careful around walls and wall edges. It scratches the latex on the walls and the wall edges and leaves black marks or dints. Still, it does good job cleaning the house. It is fairly easy to clean the robot and the brushes.

Customer review posted on 11/05/2017

Good vacuum cleaner. Cleans well, especially dog fur.

Customer review posted on 09/05/2017

A good vacuum : I prefer neato models without random path...because they are more efficient.

Customer review posted on 24/09/2016

Owned it only for a week. I don't have stairs - but I have a 3 rooms + kitchen + bathroom + hall flat.

- can manage several rooms
- goes everywhere
- knows how to turn around the legs of furniture
- manages to clean under the table with all the chairs around (though the presence of chairs slows it down quite a bit, as it tries to go around each legs even when there's not enough room)
- easy to use (only two buttons, and one little LCD with basic functionality: set hour and schedule)
- can clean carpets (if they're rigid enough: doesn't like bathroom mat for instance)
- has no problem to find its base when needs to recharge
- does a good job

Less good:
- a bit noisy
- will sometimes bump into walls and doors or slightly move furniture around (chairs)
- dust bin easy to take off, but not so easy to empty: the door of the dustbin is the filter, and most of the dust sticks to the filter, which is not so easy to clean.
- the barrier does not work that well: the robot will try to push it around. It could be worth to order some more barrier if you have complex rooms and want to prevent the robot from going in places where you have stuff lying around (guitars, cables).

Customer review posted on 21/09/2016

Great performance, the navigation works well.

Customer review posted on 04/07/2016

Quality and description meets expectations.

Customer review posted on 16/05/2016

Excellent robot aspiration très nette se t retrouve bien dans l espace juste un peu bruyant.

Customer review posted on 12/05/2016

We are using it on a wooden floor.The robot has a compulsive disorder, not leaving a single spot untreated, fighting around the chair legs like a hero - I am deeply impressed about the accuracy. Much better results than expected.
Our carpets have fringes and cause problems, so we take the away when the robot should work.

Customer review posted on 09/05/2016

After much research and the demise of our trusty Sebo Felix the Neato D85 was ordered. Could not really believe the reviews but have been proved wrong.
We have the advantage of living in a single level bungalow so Neato has full access to entire house if doors are left open.
Cleans very effectively as long as bin is kept empty. Rugs do not prove a problem (unless with tassels).
Can easily loose a couple of hours the first couple of days following it around, thinking it's missed a spot but it soon returns and covers every area.
Has run for over 90 mins before returning to base for a rest.
Had the vacuum for over a month now and cannot fault it. It really does do what it claims.

Customer review posted on 30/03/2016

Really impressed, didn't expect it to be as good as it was when I tried it, hence I bought one.

Customer review posted on 22/03/2016

A bit noisy, battery could last longer.

Customer review posted on 20/03/2016

We had a Neato before, and this one is even better
Totally satisfied.

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