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Roborock was founded in 2014 and has been able to establish itself as the most famous robot vacuum brand within China thanks to investments from Xiaomi. In doing so, Roborock focuses on providing a more comfortable and relaxed lifestyle for product users. Roborock also stands for research, development and production of smart home vacuums and offers a variety of robot vacuums and cordless vacuums.

What characterizes Roborock's products?

Efficiency & Reliability

Roborock's robot vacuum and mop are efficient in cleaning and reliable in their operation. Whether by app or voice control, the robot vacuum cleaners with mop are easy to operate and can be perfectly adjusted to personal cleaning preferences.

Optimized for all-round cleaning

Roborock has equipped its robot vacuum mops to achieve the best results on hard and carpeted floors. Innovative technologies and accessories, such as sonic mop technology or a solid rubber brush with spiral blades, intensify cleaning specifically on certain surfaces and complement each other perfectly.

Research spirit and an eye on the future

The Roborocks concept will continue in the future. Thanks to expertise from a wide range of industries, innovations in the field of household cleaners are being driven forward. In addition to technical innovations, user-friendliness and convenience are at the heart of developments.



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Complete security over many years.

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