Mother incl. 4 Motion Cookies

Sense Mother


Your practical assistant for your everyday life.


Probably you don’t want to miss this family member once you’ve put it into operation. The programmable Mother undertakes different functions in your everyday life. For example, the temperature measurement, plant monitoring, a reminder to brush teeth or take medication and much more. The system consists of the Mother device, sensors (cookies) and an app. The gadget does not only monitor but also looks good.


Nearly like a “real” mum, Mother is caring for your family. More features:


Easy to use

You can place the cookies easily on objects.



Via app you always are able to control the data.


Different uses

The monitoring gadget offers 24 different functions.


Nice Design

The system is a real “eye-catcher”. With the size of 160 x 90 mm it is also easy to integrate in your home.



Sense Mother 



How does it work? Mother is a base station, which is wireless connected cookies. The cookies are the bright sensors, measuring movements and activities of people and objects, and monitoring well-being and health. The app manages all collected data. On the dashboard, you can analyse the data at a glance.




Sense Mother Video