Yardforce repair service

You’ll often find useful troubleshooting tips in the operating instructions and/or any documents that came with your product. You’ll find helpful information about settings, technical data, installation and operating instructions on the Yardforce Website (choose your country).


If you have questions about a repair, please contact the Yardforce service team by Email.


They will send you a free label to send the robot to the repair center.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please pack your mower so that the wheels are in the air (jacked up) and with the packaging filled up completely with wadding. Please note that a copy of the invoice and a descripton of the probelm is included in the parcel when you return it.

ATTENTION: Since there is also software in the charging station you must also send this back with the robot.


If the device is no longer covered by guarantee (older than 2 years, or with a 5-year guarantee older than 5 years), we retain the right to apply a charge of 70 euro for providing the estimate if the device cannot be repaired or is not repaired. In such cases delivery costs are paid by the customer.