Robot lawn mowers

Discover the huge range of robot lawn mowers as demonstration models at a bargain price. The demo models are up-to-date devices. Apart from normal signs of usage they are in a good condition – we have checked that for you. Thus you can buy the products with the full manufacturer’s warranty! We are offering the right robot mower for lawns up to 5,000 m² – for sure you’ll find the perfect robotic lawn mower that fits your needs. All our lawn-mowing robots are equipped with important security features. Various programming possibilities and smart technological features make the automatic lawn mowers reliable assistants in the garden. Exhausting lawn-mowing now belongs to the past.

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  1. Gardena Sileno

    Gardena Sileno Robot Lawn Mower - Demonstration Model

    The perfect assistant in large gardens The robot lawn mower can be used on areas u...

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