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SwitchBot manufactures products for the home automation sector. Founded in 2016, the company aims to develop useful and easy-to-use devices that bring a higher quality of life in a connected home. Whether the smart home is to be newly set up or it is an upgrade, it does not matter. For example, the gateway replaces all IR remote controls, or the electric curtain opens the curtains with the first rays of sunlight.

This is why SwitchBot products convince:

Smart home for more comfort in life

SwitchBot products make daily life easier for you. Many manual operations or even the annoying search for the right remote control are no longer necessary. The automatic curtain opens at the first daylight or after fixed defined times, the smart remote control combines all IR remote controls.

Existing can be upgraded

SwitchBot devices are designed so that existing equipment can be upgraded. Without being conspicuous. The electric curtain can be excellently hidden and the smart home interface is a small gateway for many end devices.

Smart home in just a few steps

A smart home quickly and easily - that is the claim that SwitchBot places on its products. Everyone should be able to expand their home into a smart home in just a few steps. The company has achieved this goal. The SwitchBot Hub or the SwitchBot Curtain are installed in a short time and can be easily operated via a smartphone app.


Buy your SwitchBot automatic curtain or gateway at myRobotcenter and benefit from:



Extended guarantee

Complete security over many years.

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Express delivery

You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express.

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Money back

Extended right of return without risk.

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Our demonstration models are refurbished, used and technically tested robots. The big advantage: full manufacturer's guarantee and an unbeatable price!