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Including free 5-year guarantee
Tesvor X500 - robot hoover
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Tesvor X500 - robot hoover

Including free 5-year guarantee

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Including free 5-year guarantee

More information about product

A robotic vacuum cleaner for all cases

Tesvor X500 meets all requirements of a modern robot hoover: It can comfortably be controlled with a smartphone-app and is always up to date, thanks to OTA technology. The robot vacuum cleaner uses gyroscope technology to optimally adapt to your home. It creates a map of your home and memorizes obstacles and the already cleaned paths. With its 600 ml large dust container and a powerful battery, Tesvor X 500 can be operated up to 120 minutes without pausing, cleaning up to 150 m2. Also very handy: The robot vacuum can be perfectly integrated into your smart home as it also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days.

  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.


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Product description

An intelligent helper for everyday life

Perfect for different floor types

Tesvor X500 is particularly suitable for being operated on hard floors. Whether laminate, parquet, tiles or PVC – the robot hoover reliably takes care of cleaning your floors. It also vacuums a lot of dust and dirt from carpets every day. The 600 ml dust container offers more than enough space to suck in not only dust but also hair and other dirt.


For cleaning areas up to 150 m2

With a full battery charge, Tesvor X 500 is able to vacuum 90 to 120 minutes without pausing. During this time, the robot hoover cleans up to 150 m2 (depending on the room conditions).

Perfect for different floor typesPerfect for different floor types
Carpets are not at all a problemCarpets are not at all a problem

Carpets are not at all a problem

Tesvor X 500 is capable of driving on carpets without assistance. The maximum height of the carpet must not exceed 0,6 cm. Even doorsteps with this height can be overcome by the robot vacuum without any problems, so that it can drive into the next room without help.

Quieter than many vacuum cleanersQuieter than many vacuum cleaners

Quieter than many vacuum cleaners

With a volume of only 65 dB, the robot vacuum cleaner by Tesvor is significantly quieter than many vacuum cleaners. So you can also use Tesvor X500 while you are in the same room without being disturbed.

Stops at stairsStops at stairs

Stops at stairs

There are several sensors on the bottom side of Tesvor X500, detecting drops. Those sensors make the robot hoover reduce its speed and change its direction of travel so that it doesn’t fall down stairs or other drops.

Unique 3-stage-cleaning-system

With a three-stage-cleaning system, the robot hoover takes care of cleaning your floors very thoroughly. The cleaning system includes v-shaped floor brushes, a brushless motor and a streamlined air duct design. Furthermore, the robot vacuum scores with a powerful suction of 1,600 Pa.


Thorough cleaning into the corners

Tesvor X 500 also cleans places that are difficult to reach with a normal vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its low height, the robot vacuum can also drive under furniture and with its two long side brushes it sweeps dust and dirt out of corners.

A robot vacuum with app and intelligent navigation

With gyroscope navigation to a clean home

Tesvor X500 navigates with the help of so-called gyroscope navigation. This technology allows the robot vacuum cleaner to adapt its cleaning to your home. During the cleaning, Tesvor X 500 creates a map of your home in real time and memorizes the position of obstacles and the cleaned paths. The robot hoover then uses a methodical s-shaped cleaning pattern to clean the floors. With this kind of navigation, it covers up to 95 % of the cleaning area (according to the manufacturer).

With gyroscope navigation to a clean homeWith gyroscope navigation to a clean home
Comfortable control with the smartphoneComfortable control with the smartphone

Comfortable control with the smartphone

The controlling and programming the robot vacuum cleaner you may use an app called “WeBack”. The app is available as a free download in App Store and Play Store. It offers so many different options to operate and program Tesvor X500, such as: view cleaning maps, set a schedule, choose a cleaning mode or start and stop the robot vacuum.


Control with voice commands

Tesvor X 500 has a connection to the voice services of Amazon and Google. Because of that, the robot vacuum cleaner can also be comfortably controlled with voice commands.

Always up to date with OTA

The term OTA is an abbreviation for “Over the Air”. This technology enables wireless transmission of settings and updates. For you, this means that Tesvor X500 will automatically receive new updates when connected to Wi-Fi. This way, the robot hoover is always up to date.


Automatic return to the charging base

The robot vacuum cleaner knows exactly when it is too weak to continue cleaning, or the cleaning task is completed. In that case, it automatically returns to its base to recharge and be ready for the next cleaning task.  

Our conclusion on Tesvor X500

Our conclusion on Tesvor X500Our conclusion on Tesvor X500

The robot hoover is suitable for:

  • Small and large households with up to 150 m2
  • Different hard floors and carpets
  • Integration into Smart Homes thanks to app and connection to Amazon Alexa and Google Home


The robot vacuum is less suitable for:

  • Homes with more than 150 m2
  • Households with doorsteps that exceed 0,6 cm
  • Use without app or Wi-Fi

Scope of delivery

Tesvor X500 - robot hoover
Tesvor X500 - robot hoover
  • 1 Charging base
  • 1 Power supply
  • 2 Replacement side brushes
  • 1 Replacement filter
  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Cleaning tool
  • 1 User manual

Technical details

More information
Model NameTesvor X500
Dimensions33.0 x 33.0 x 7.5 cm
Weight (approx.):3.0 kg
App-controliOS, Android
PetsNot suitable for pet hair
Doorsteps< 1,5 cm
Voice serviceAmazon Alexa, Google Home
Cleaning modeSmart, Single Room, Edge, Spot (App only)
Charging time4 - 6 h
Battery runtime1.5 - 2 h
Battery type2,500 mAh (14.4 V / 25 W)
Battery guarantee:1 year
Product guarantee:5 years
Charging baseIncluded
Remote control:Included
Volume:65 dB
Special features:• App control • Intelligent navigation • Compatibel with voice services

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