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Worx LandroidWorx Landroid

The Worx robot mower models are all equipped with AIA technology. This makes the robot lawn mowers particularly efficient and allows them to move skillfully through narrow spots or winding passages. The Worx robot grass cutter is particularly intelligent in its mowing task, because it adapts individually to the shape and area of your garden, as well as to the prevailing weather conditions that change the grass growth. All Worx robotic lawn mowers come pre-programmed to your home and can be controlled via smartphone.

The 2022 mowing season can begin!
Get the perfect robot lawn mower for your garden. Your perfectly mown lawn is just a few steps away.

Robot lawn mower with artificial intelligence (AIA)

The Worx Landroid robot mowers are equipped with artificial intelligence and can make their own decisions. These lawnmowers are able to calculate areas and also handle twisty passages.

Robot lawn mower with artificial intelligence (AIA)Robot lawn mower with artificial intelligence (AIA)
An intelligent robot grass cuttersAn intelligent robot grass cutters

An intelligent robot grass cutters

Worx mowing robots know exactly that every garden is different and therefore needs individual care. That's why Worx models learn with every mowing operation and the lawnmowing robots adapt themselves to the personal needs of your garden.

Always up-to-date

The robot lawn mowers can be regularly equipped with new functions through software updates. The software update can be quickly and easily transferred to the robotic lawn mower by each owner - directly at home. So you don't have to take the robotic lawn mower to a service point.

Always up-to-dateAlways up-to-date
Smart additional functions for robot mowersSmart additional functions for robot mowers

Smart additional functions for robot mowers

Whether you want intelligent obstacle detection, voice control, work area limitation or optimal theft protection, Worx robot grass cutters can be upgraded with up to five add-on functions. Worx's additional options are connected to the robot in a few simple steps.


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