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Yard ForceYard Force

Yard Force is one of the world's leading suppliers of gardening tools - including robot lawn mowers. Here you will find the models of the Amiro and SA series as well as the X-line from Yard Force. These robot mowers are particularly characterized by simple programming and their special off-road suitability. Depending on the model type, the robot grass cutters overcome slopes up to ± 50% (27°) and are therefore particularly suitable for steep terrain and lawns with slopes.

Gradients up to ± 50 %

A strong lithium-ion battery makes the robot mower particularly powerful. Depending on the series, the models can cope with up to 1,000 m2 and can be used on smaller areas as well as on complex and hilly plots. Depending on the selected model, the robot mowers can also be operated via a smartphone app.

Gradients up to ± 50 %Gradients up to ± 50 %

Mulch function for a healthy lawnMulch function for a healthy lawn

Mulch function for a healthy lawn

Three sharp blades mounted on a rotating disc shorten the grass reliably. The robot lawn mower shortens the grass only a little every time it is operated. The fine lawn cut falls to the ground as mulch and serves as a natural fertilizer. This guarantees even, rich lawn appearance.

Sensors for safety

The obstacle, lifting and tilting sensors ensure safe operation of the Yard Force robot lawn mower. The H and PRO series is also equipped with a rain sensor. When it rains, the mowing job is paused and only resumed when the weather is dry.

Sensors for safetySensors for safety

Obstacle detection via radarObstacle detection via radar

Obstacle detection via radar

The built-in radar sensor on the Amiro and X Series ensures early detection of obstacles and causes the robot mower to change its speed and direction of movement, as it skilfully avoids barriers.


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