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Yard Force SA900ECO - robot lawn mower (2020 model)

Yard Force SA900ECO - robot lawn mower (2020 model)

Including free 5-year guarantee

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Including free 5-year guarantee

More information about product

Feels at home on uneven (hilly) surfaces

A special feature of the Yard Force SA900ECO robot mower is its climbing ability. It masters uphill terrain of up to ± 40 % and mows areas of max. 900 m2. On the bottom of the robot there is a rotating disc with 3 sharp blades. This cuts the grass during every mowing operation. For a safe mowing operation, the robot grass cutter is equipped with lift, tilt and obstacle sensors and as well as with PIN code. Settings for the robot lawn mower can be made via a control panel. Handling and programming are done without much (technical) effort. 

  • Delivery time: 3 to 5 working days.

  • Express shipping available

    You will have the opportunity to select DHL Express. Orders which are placed until 12.00 p.m. and are in stock, will be shipped on the same day. The additional fee depends on your delivery address and cart.


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Product description

A robot lawn mower for uneven and steep lawns

Masters slopes and mows large lawns

Yardforce SA900ECO is equipped with good wheels. This gives it good grip even on uneven and steep surfaces. Its robust and stable construction allows it to negotiate gradients up to ± 40 % or 27°. The robot mower is suitable for gardens up to 900 m2.

Off-road suitableOff-road suitable

Off-road suitable

With its special wheels, the Yard Force SA900 ECO can easily mow hilly and also steep gardens. The robot mower is able to mow gradients by up to ± 40 %.

Sensors for a safe useSensors for a safe use

Sensors for a safe use

The Yard Force SA900 ECO is equipped with a variety of safety sensors. It has lift, tilt and obstacle sensors. When the robot lawn mower is lifted or tilted, its blades stop within 2 seconds.

Mowing made easyMowing made easy

Mowing made easy

Here you can make certain settings for the Yardforce SA900ECO. Once the robot has been installed and programmed, it works independently and reliably.

Yard Force SA 900 ECO works independently

The Yard Force robot grass cutter is particularly easy to operate. Once the robot lawn mower has been installed, it works independently. This also applies to its loading process. If its battery becomes low, it drives into its charging station, recharges itself and then mows again.  


Robot for terrain with slopes

Its compact design and the built-in Li-ion battery (28 V / 2.9 Ah) enable the robot lawn mower to mow uneven as well as steeper areas. The cutting height of the Yard Force SA900 ECO is adjustable. 5 steps between 20 and 60 mm are available. This means that the cutting height can be ideally selected for spring and summer period.


Automatic mowing and loading process

The property to be mown must be marked out with a circumferential boundary wire. Settings for the Yard Force SA900ECO can be made from the control panel. The Yard Force 900ECO is by default programmed to operate seven days a week.

Once the mowing time has been determined, the mowing robot works reliably and starts its mowing job daily, at the same time. If its battery becomes weak during mowing, the Yard Force SA 900 ECO visits its charging station. It charges itself automatically and goes on with its mowing process till the mowing program has been finished.


Naturally fertilizes your lawn

The robot grass cutter works with a mulching system. The grass is always shortened a little during the daily work. The fine lawn particles fall to the ground, decompose and serve the lawn as a natural fertilizer and moisturizer.


Mows (not) when it rains

A built-in rain sensor detects precipitation and causes the Yard Force SA900 ECO to interrupt the mowing process. When it rains, it drives into its charging station and waits for better weather. The built-in rain sensor can be switched on or off.

Note: The Yard Force SA900ECO can also mow wet grass. However, this can stick to the blades, the blade disc and the wheels. This can lead to an increased need for maintenance and cleaning. The blades must always be in good condition for a good cutting pattern and good mowing performance!

Maximum safety and easy operation

A safe mowing operation is ensured

The Yard Force 900ECO robot lawn mower is protected with a PIN code and is therefore also protected against theft. If the robot is stolen from your garden, it cannot be started without the security pin.


Built-in tilt, lift and obstacle sensors

Equipped with an effective safety lock, the robot mower reacts immediately with a blade stop when it is raised or tilted. If the robot grass cutter drives against an obstacle, it stops, drives back and moves in another direction

Easy operation and installationEasy operation and installation

Easy operation and installation

All important accessory components for installation are included in the scope of delivery. The operation, as well as the programming of the robot lawn mower, is carried out via the screen. Once the appropriate program has been selected, the Yardforce SA 900 ECO works completely independently in your garden. 

Scope of delivery

Yard Force SA900ECO (2020 model)
Yard Force SA900ECO - robot lawn mower (2020 model)
  • Charging station
  • Wire (9 m)
  • Boundary wire (160 m)
  • Pegs (200 pcs.)
  • Connectors (3 pcs.)
  • Replacement blades (9 pcs.)
  • Replacement screws (3 pcs.)
  • Distance ruler
  • Manual

Technical details

More information
Model NameYard Force SA900ECO (2020 model)
Gradient:± 40 %
Lawn complexity:Simple
Dimensions57 x 40 x 28.2 cm
Weight (approx.):8.5 kg
Mowing modeThree rotation blades
Cutting height20 - 60 mm (in 5 steps)
Cutting width18 cm
Mowing in rain:Rain sensor (adjustable)
Charging time90 Min.
Battery runtime80 Min.
Battery typeLithium-ion (28 V / 2.9 Ah)
Battery guarantee:2 years
Product guarantee:5 years
Boundary optionBoundary wire
Safety:Obstacle detection, lift and tilt sensors, pin code
Special features:• Robot lawn mower for terrain with slopes • Overcomes gradients up to ± 40 % • Easy installation and operation

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