Device with UK-Plug

We deliver our devices with an UK-Plug. Here you can find an overview:


•  Grillbot: all model types
•  Zodiac: all model types
•  iRobot: Braava
•  Samsung: SR8750 / SR8980 / VR5000
•  LG: all model types
•  Gardena: R40 / R70 / R80
•  Bosch: Indego Connect
•  Dremel Idea Builder

• Mother
•  Lego: Transformator
•  Husqvarna: all model tyes
•  Aquagenesis: all model types
•  Worx Landroid: all model types

•  iRobot: Roomba and Scooba
•  Moneual: ME770 / ME770 Style
•  Robomow: all model types
•  Winbot: W830 / W930
•  Samsung: Powerbot


•  Neato: all model types includes both plugs
 Plug UK Neato


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